SAYSKY Fast Food

Does eating fast food make you faster?

This was the question that gave birth to the fifth and final drop of the season - the SAYSKY Fast Food series. But really there's more to the ice cream and burger prints, as we feel that a much more relaxed mindset and attitude are needed in the world of running.

The SAYSKY founder, Lars C. Pedersen, shares his thoughts on why eating burgers and having a little fun along the way is so important. Watch the video or read the full story below.



Words by the SAYSKY founder: Lars C. Pedersen
One of our ideas with the SS20 collection, was that we wanted to stick it to the rigid and introvert life of runners. We’ve always preached a casual attitude, but without compromising performance. It’s important to be determined, but equally important to be relaxed about it.


We’ve played with the ‘fast food’ concept as part of Drop 5. It all started with a joke about eating fast food to become fast. Just imagine if you actually become faster from eating burgers? Plus nobody wants to be overtaken by a runner wearing a burger top. We had fun with the concept, but there’s also a sense of seriousness in the print.


Unfortunately, running clubs are a “good” hideout if you suffer from eating disorders. Lots of runners have a tense relationship with food, with too many not being able to eat a burger without feeling the need to run 20km afterwards. I believe that eating a burger would do good to a lot of people. Not because of the carbs, but to celebrate the relaxed mind and good times. And this is exactly what Drop 5 is about – fast times, fast food and having fun.


We’ve launched Drop 5 at the same time as Summer officially takes off. And to a lot of people, the ice cream is a symbol of summer and happiness. So of course, this had to be included too. But it’s also straight fuck you to strict diets and a reminder to enjoy life. It says ‘Cold as Ice’ on the top, which in part is a reference to the print, but also a testament to our mantra “we care but don’t give a fuck”. Focus on you. Be the best version of you, but without forgetting everyone and everything around you.


Everyone needs to remember that positivity is the best doping, a belief in life, opportunities and the ability to be relaxed about what you do, regardless of how much you want to reach your goals. Great goals demand discipline and sacrifice, but don’t let the journey become introvert and tiring.


Joy and happiness will always be the best and most healthy way to success. We believe that nothing good comes from narrow minds and extremes. Granted, extremes do foster world champions, but SAYSKY was established to motivate the everyday heroes, who trains a lot, have ambitious goals, but an open mind.


Enjoy the summer. Eat an ice cream and be cold as ice.