SAYSKY Athlete Sif Bendix Madsen

Olympic Medals and Winning SAYSKY Athletes

We've had a couple of SAYSKY athletes thrown in to action this weekend, with quite remarkable results along the way. Here's what the stars achieved:

  • An Olympic silver medal in Argentina
  • UK Commonwealth team bronze
  • A castle conquest in Denmark

Needless to say, we're super proud. Let's elaborate and break it down for you below.


Olympic Silver Medal in Argentina

The SAYSKY young gun Sif Bendix Madsen took home a very impressive triathlon silver medal at the Youth Olympics in Argentina. Sif was actually heading for gold, but she was overtaken on the final 400m and eventually came in 11 seconds after the winner. Either way - mighty performance. Next up: Tokyo 2020.

SAYSKY Athlete Sif Bendix Madsen


UK Commonwealth Team Bronze

SAYSKY athlete Tom Wade is a UK native who lives in Denmark. However, when called upon by the national team, he'll suit up and do damage. He claimed a new PB on the half marathon distance (finishing in 63:38), while also bagging a team bronze at the Commonwealth Games this past weekend.

SAYSKY Athlete Tom Wade


Castle Conquest in Denmark

Red Bull hosted their first-ever "Conquer the Castle" style obstacle course race in Denmark. SAYSKY athlete and national OCR star Nikolaj Dam was of course signed up for this epic challenge. In a battle that lasted four heats, Nikolaj eventually beat the others to it and emerged victorious.

SAYSKY Athlete Nikolaj Dam