SAYSKY Aero Suits

SAYSKY SS20: Triathlon and Cycling Collection

We're soon live with the Spring/Summer 2020 triathlon and cycling collection, which will hit the webshop on Friday, March 20 at 10.00am CET. But, they're already available for pre-order from Monday, March 16 at 10.00am CET.

You'll be able to shop the new triathlon and cycling collection here.


All pre-orders will get a free 3-pack of socks
Pre-order the new cycling kit or one of the two aero suits and get a free 3-pack of socks (only one free 3-pack per order). All orders are expected to ship out on March 23.


No nonsense and high performance

We'll guarantee you that we've designed these kits with the best of the best available. The SAYSKY Aero Suits are nothing short of lethal triathlon weapons, with strategically placed and aero-optimised fabrics from Italy and Switzerland. This year, we're also adding a high-performance cycling kit, which is equally great for racing and training.

Scope of the new additions in the gallery below. You'll find a clean and very sleek Nighthawk Aero Suit in black, accompanied by the seasonal Falcon Aero Suit and Cycling Jersey/Bib.


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